Meet the Founder



Photo by Joy Sanchez Photography

Nealie Sanchez is a University of North Texas alumna with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. While Sanchez gets a thrill from city reporting, she believes the perfect job is writing about all things wet noses and muddy paws. Sanchez created Texas Dog Magazine to keep pet owners clued in on everything from veterinarian approved pet care practices to the best dog friendly bars around town.

Sanchez’ love of dogs began at an early age. When she was 5 years old she got her first dog, Pepper (aka Buddy), a Labrador and Chow Chow mix. Since Pepper, she has had several family pets, and when she moved away to college she became dog mom to Gannicus, an American Pit Bull Terrier. More recently she has become dog mom to Ruekah, a Toy Pomeranian and Rat Terrier mix.