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Just your not-so-average 20-year-old Journalism student concerned about the real issues like how to manage your stress and survive college.
I'm also a student of Philosophy and Spanish in the hopes that I will not only become bilingual but also a professional thinker.

I am a professional coffee drinker, pit bull and tabby cat mommy, and part time blogger.

If you don't know where to find me check behind a laptop or online at any of these places...



Texas Dog of the Month April ’18

Name: Harvey Breed: Shih-tzu Age: 8 City: Austin Favorite treat: Peanut Butter Favorite Toy: Squeaky Plush Lobster Toy Bio: Harvey is a sweet and loving pup from Austin, Texas. His hobbies include napping, playing fetch, canoeing, cuddling and snacking. Harvey is a very friendly pupper that enjoys relaxing days on […]