Texas Dog of the Month November ’19

Doge DuoName: Charlie the Chihuahua & Deaf Dane Domino
Breed: Chihuahua & Great Dane
Age: 14 years (20/5/05) & 10 months (25/09/18)
Favorite Treat: Currently all about freeze-dried meats & ALL OF THEM
Favorite Toy: Too busy keeping an eye on the hooman & ALL OF THEM
Dorky DoggoBio:
Charlie here! Let’s just start by agreeing that I’m the smart one in the family. I’m 4.5 pounds. I’m distinguished. I wear bow ties.

Domino, well Dom is special. …and gigantic. …and clumsy …and deaf. Talk about a hot mess!

Together we’re @1big1small and you really aren’t going to find a better doge duo. We’re perfectly opposite and oppositely perfect in almost every way.

Can’t wait to meet us?! You’ll find our version of Superfine Sub-Wooferpupper perfection strutting around the greater Houston area. Just look for a dorky doggo carrying a superfine sub-woofer in a backpack!

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