Texas Dog of the Month July ’19

1AF5D5E6-DFBC-4936-9CF4-970C9510548CName: Chip
Breed: Brittany Spaniel
Age: 13
City: Dallas, TX
Favorite Treat: Mini Milkbones
Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball

Short Bio: My favorite things to do are cuddle and play ball. I might be an old man in dog years but I’m still active and full of energy. I go on adventures with my owners all over. I’ve lived in Miami, NYC, and now my favorite home of all in Dallas where I have room to run around and play ball. I have a special talent… where I use my front two paws to hike the ball to myself when no one else feels like playing ball. Basically, I have about 15 balls and I keep them all next to my food bowl because when you’re a dog that’s your wallet. Life is great now that I live with Kiley and Aubrey. When, I was younger I was given away by my families not once but twice. I’m so well behaved and loving that it’s honestly their loss. Aubrey adopted me when I was 6 and I know this is my forever home in Dallas, Texas and it’s ballin’.

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