Texas Dog of the Month August ’18

suspense and lightsName: Suspense

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 3 years

City: Waco, Texas

Favorite Treat: Bully sticks

Favorite Toy: Tugs

Bio: Suspense is a fun, happy-go-lucky dog. He is happiest when he is exploring new places. Whether those places are the Texas wilderness or our downtown farmer’s market, Suspense loves to discover new places and people! Together with his human, Suspense trains and eventually will compete in dock diving and agility. He has never found a toy he doesn’t like and will gladly play with you at any hour of the day! He loves being the center of attention and he most definitely knows how to work for the camera! His favorite tricks to perform are “burpee” and “sit pretty”. Be sure to follow Suspense’s adventures on his Instagram, @livingwithsuspense!


To enter our Texas Dog of the Month contest please send one photo of your dog (no humans allowed) with a filled out copy of the template below to editor@texasdogmagazine.com with the subject line “Texas Dog of the Month.”





Favorite Treat:

Favorite Toy:


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