Texas Dog of the Month April ’18

image1Name: Harvey
Breed: Shih-tzu
Age: 8
City: Austin
Favorite treat: Peanut Butter
Favorite Toy: Squeaky Plush Lobster Toy
Bio: Harvey is a sweet and loving pup from Austin, Texas. His hobbies include napping, playing fetch, canoeing, cuddling and snacking. Harvey is a very friendly pupper that enjoys relaxing days on the lake or upbeat play dates at the dog park. He makes friends everywhere he goes and leaves a lasting impression. Don’t let his age and one eye fool you! He is full of life and lives each day to the fullest! Harvey would love if you followed his adventures on his Instagram at @OneEyedHarvey


To enter our Texas Dog of the Month contest please send one photo of your dog (no humans allowed) with a filled out copy of the template below to editor@texasdogmagazine.com with the subject line “Texas Dog of the Month.”





Favorite Treat:

Favorite Toy:


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