April is Heartworm Awareness Month

As dog owners, we are the first and last line of protection for our pups. Sometimes that means dealing with serious issues such as heartworms. April is Heartworm Awareness Month so we have a few helpful facts about the disease and some tips to keep your pup protected.

Information provided by the American Heartworm Society


Heartworms can grow up to a foot long and surround the heart and connecting blood vessels.

Dogs are a natural host for heartworms, which means the worms grow and multiply at a fast rate inside of the body

Due to the way heartworms multiply so quickly in dogs, it’s advised that dog owners speak with their veterinarians about prevention, and seek treatment as early as possible in the case of contraction


  • Get your pup tested every 12 months
  • Use preventative medicines each month
  • Do the dirty work — Check after your pup uses the “bathroom” to make sure worms aren’t present
  • If you find worms or are worried about their condition go to your veterinarian and get a test
  • In the case that your pup gets heartworms, it’s important to remember that there are treatments and ways to help them through the disease. Maintain regular checkups with your vet and make sure to bring up any concerns with them. It’s always better to check and test first than to leave it to chance.

-Staff Writer Andrew Munford contributed to this report.

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