Memorial: Senior dog Kaylee tackled her bucket list

Kaylee was surrendered by her previous owner to BARCS in Baltimore for euthanasia at age 11.

On June 12, 2017, she found her fur-ever home with the Davis family after Melissa Davis’ child Raven wanted to adopt “an old dog that might not otherwise get adopted.” Just 15 days after bringing her home it was discovered that Kaylee had cancer which spurred #KayleesBucketList.

Soon after, Kaylee took the internet by storm when her human, Melissa, began sharing Kaylee’s adventures conquering her bucket list via Facebook.

Kaylee’s Bucket List:

  1. Find a forever family
  2. Go out for a burger
  3. Go out for ice cream
  4. Breakfast in bed
  5. Celebrate my birthday
  6. Go for a (short) hike
  7. Find a home for Sarge from Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland
  8. Go to Disney World
  9. Go on a picnic
  10. Have a doggie massage
  11. Go out for coffee with mom
  12. Go to the beach
  13. Have professional photos
  14. Meet a celebrity
  15. Inspire someone to adopt a senior dog
  16. Eat a cheese buffet in memory of Sargie
  17. Visit another state
  18. Eat a real Thanksgiving meal
  19. Photos with Santa
  20. Eat at a dog-friendly restaurant

She completed almost all of her bucket list items, but Kaylee’s health deteriorated further in early January. After consulting veterinarians, Melissa and her family were told they would have to say goodbye.

On Jan. 15 Kaylee passed away, free from the pain of her cancer and surrounded by all of her humans. According to Melissa, on Kaylee’s last day she had “country fried steak, eggs, potatoes, a puppacchino, a cheese buffet, a bacon cheeseburger from McDonald’s, a trip to the Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland and lots of snuggles.”

Melissa continues to use the Kaylee’s Bucket List Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers to gather donations for BARCS, encourage people to adopt senior dogs and celebrate senior dogs’ happy endings.

Melissa says that each time someone shares Kaylee’s story or adopts a senior dog she lives on.

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