Editor’s Note Spring ’18

19756528_113213519310431_5175158212379070244_nIn February 2017 I set out looking for a small dog to rescue so I could complete my pack. My hands simply weren’t full enough with my American Pit Bull Terrier, Gannicus, and my cat, Maokai.

After no luck finding a tiny dog that wasn’t immediately adopted from local shelters, I decided to turn to the internet. I skimmed Craigslist ads from the end of February to the middle of March. As the month was winding down I decided that maybe now just wasn’t the time for my fuzzy companion — until I found Ruekah.

Ruekah was a tiny little white fluff with brown spots on her face that made her look downright crooked. At the time the ad was posted she was so small she fit in two cupped hands, comfortably.

I have never sent an email faster than the one I sent to claim Rue as my own. After ironing out details with a nice farm owner who had an accidental mutt-litter on her hands, Ruekah became mine three days and a two-hour car ride later.

As a tiny pup she was very needy, I even took her to work with me in a shoe box to make sure she wouldn’t drive her brothers crazy all day long with her incessant whining.

I’m not certain if my efforts to pacify her paid off because she needs to be held constantly, but she certainly lives up to her name. Ruekah is named after the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory character Verucca Salt. Her name was shortened to Ruekah to match the strangeness of her brothers’ names.

Happy “Gotcha Month” to my Picasso-Faced little girl, Ruekah!

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