Six items that make road tripping with your pet a breeze

By Tiffany Ditto | TXDM Staff Writer

As Texas shakes off that cold weather and begins to descend into its only other season, there are a few weeks where the hot and cold mix give way to a brief spring. Warmer weather brings the need for adventure, but for many taking their pupper along is a must and can prove challenging. We’ve compiled a list of must-have items for traveling with your fur baby and why you need them.

A seatbelt with harness: Taking your dog on a ride can be dangerous if they like to walk around, not only can it cause you to crash your car, but also your dog to go flying into the nearest hard surface in the car. Buckling up your dog can help them as much as it does you. Also, be sure to attach the seatbelt to a harness so as to not choke out your fur baby every time you tap the brakes.

Water bowl/bottle: Keeping plenty of water for your little, or big one, is a must. As it gets hotter your dog will become dehydrated faster. Be sure to have plenty of water and a way for them to drink it.

Calming aid: Some doggos hate the car, and for long road trips this can be stressful for you and your pup. Try giving your pup a calming aid with melatonin. This not only will help them calm down but may also put them to sleep.

Thundershirt: Another way to reduce your dog’s anxiety during travel is to invest in a Thundershirt. The shirt wraps your dog in a tight jacket applying pressure to their body – making some dogs feel safer.

A leash: You’ll want to take a leash with you on your trip, and make sure to take frequent breaks if you and your pal are in the car for a long time. Your baby may not need to go potty every time, but they like to stretch their legs too.

Waste bags: It may seem obvious but not every place you go will have doggy clean up areas, so make sure to bring something to clean up after your pet with.

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